Bonny Doon

Bringing together the best of coastal and mountain living.

Welcome to Bonny Doon

Bringing together the best of coastal and mountain living.
North of Santa Cruz, amidst the lush embrace of nature's finest tapestry, Bonny Doon stands as a tranquil haven. Time seems to slow down, and the town's enchanting allure captivates all who live here. Bonny Doon balances the mystical allure of nature with the grounded authenticity of a close-knit community. It is a symphony of serenity, artistic expression, and eco-consciousness, creating an inviting atmosphere.
Perched upon rolling hills cascading towards the sparkling Pacific, Bonny Doon exudes refined sophistication alongside its natural beauty. A tapestry of vineyards delicately woven across the landscape produces delectable wines. Numerous local farms growing fresh produce sold in Bonny Doon and neighboring Santa Cruz are among these vineyards. Bonny Doon is where luxury intertwines with the rhythm of nature, elegance meets authenticity, and each moment celebrates life's finest offerings.

What to Love

  • Tucked away in nature with lots of privacy.
  • Small mountain town charm.
  • A strong community of local artists and small businesses.

Local Lifestyle

Bonny Doon is a fusion of a small mountain town and artistic expression, creating a unique tapestry beckoning those seeking a respite from the ordinary. The laid-back atmosphere invites residents to unwind and embrace the slower pace of life, and the serene surroundings encourage introspection and connection with the natural world.
Artistry flows through the veins of Bonny Doon, woven into its very fabric. The community's local art galleries, workshops, and studios lend a sense of bohemian charm. The organic farms, sustainable practices, and commitment to preserving the region's natural beauty reflect a deep connection to sustainability.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Wandering through Bonny Doon means finding hidden local favorites. Wine enthusiasts enjoy McHenry Vineyard, a small boutique winery focused on producing delicious pinot noir. Venturing east into Felton, residents can enjoy a variety of cuisines. For Japanese dishes like sushi, head to Sushi San or visit Empire Grille for a mix of American dishes such as crab cakes and club sandwiches.
One of the main draws of Bonny Doon is its local artist community, making the town the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted artistic pieces. Anyone looking for traditional Old World linens with a modern twist should check out Old World Linen. For handmade pottery to add color and a lively feel to any home, meander through Mattie Leeds to find a variety of gorgeous pieces. Coppersmiths at West Coast Weather Vanes create custom weather vanes, the perfect finishing touch for any home.

Things to Do

Due to its location along the breathtaking coastline of California, Bonny Doon’s outdoor spaces beckon to locals. Bonny Doon Beach is a coastal delight promoting relaxation and serenity with powdery sands caressed by the gentle waves of the Pacific. A sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, the Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve showcases the region's diverse ecosystems along its hiking trails through lush forests of towering redwoods and crystal-clear creeks, providing opportunities for exploration and encounters with local flora and fauna.
For equestrians, the Bonny Doon Equestrian Park has vast open spaces, groomed riding trails, and well-equipped facilities catering to riders of all levels. A tapestry of colors and scents, Wild Iris Community Park is a well-loved community space with manicured gardens bursting with beautiful flowers, creating an idyllic backdrop for picnics, leisurely walks, and moments of contemplation.
From the rugged beauty of Bonny Doon Beach to the tranquil haven of the Ecological Reserve, the equestrian paradise of the Equestrian Park, and the blossoming gardens of Wild Iris Community Park, each outdoor space reflects the area's commitment to preserving its natural wonders while inviting all to partake in their tranquil embrace.


Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District and Santa Cruz City Elementary School District serve Bonny Doon, including:

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