Larkin Valley/Corralitos

Lush green mountain communities perfect for exploring the outdoors.

Welcome to Larkin Valley/Corralitos

Lush green mountain communities perfect for exploring the outdoors.
Lying among the exquisite mountainous landscape of Santa Cruz are the small communities of Larkin Valley and Corralitos. Larkin Valley is home to rolling emerald hills and picturesque farmland, perfect for those seeking to embrace rural living paired with the sophistication of cultivated landscapes. Corralitos boasts an array of apple orchards, vineyards, and berry farms, serving as an exclusive enclave to experience the lavish essence of rural luxury.
Both communities are within proximity to the Pacific Ocean as well as the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains. These lands provide a welcomed escape from the demands of urban life while still being able to access upscale amenities and services.

What to Love

  • Plenty of privacy and private access roads.
  • The epitome of small mountain town living in California.
  • Less than two hours south of San Francisco .
  • Within an hour of major state parks.

Local Lifestyle

Steeped in the embrace of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the regions of Larkin Valley and Corralitos beckon with an allure transcending the ordinary as enchanting pockets of quiet seclusion. Each residence is a testament to custom craftsmanship embodying the spirit of individuality. The landscape is an invitation to explore, where trails wind through the flourishing greenery, fostering a sense of connection with the wild beauty surrounding it.

Cradled within the forested expanses of California, Larkin Valley homes stand as harmonious extensions of the landscape amid towering trees and gentle clearings. Corralitos hosts a variety of family-owned wineries due to its impeccable climate for grape cultivation.

In Larkin Valley and Corralitos, the very fabric of life is woven from the threads of nature's elegance and is a tapestry of awe-inspiring views, of homes serving as canvases for personal expression, and of bountiful vineyards.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

These communities are home to some of the best local wineries in Santa Cruz, and wine enthusiasts will love spending the weekend traveling to different wineries. The microclimate in the Santa Cruz Mountains nurtures Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to perfection at wineries such as Ferrari Ranch Winery and Alfaro Family Vineyard-Winery. There are also wineries like Lester Estate Wines | Deer Park Ranch, which hosts weddings, picnics, and tours throughout the vineyard. Another local favorite is Storrs Winery & Vineyards, which hosts wine tastings, and guests can also make reservations to play bocce ball at the winery’s court.
Each sip of the wines born in the area celebrates the land's bounty, echoed in the spirit of the winery's intimate settings where connoisseurs and newcomers can commune with the region's essence.

Things to Do

Embrace all the outdoor experiences in Larkin Valley and Corralitos, from historical treasures to verdant oases. Step back in time and visit Castro Adobe State Historic Park by roaming the Castro Adobe hacienda's adobe halls adorned with period furnishings and marvel at the preserved architectural features reflecting the building's cultural heritage. Discover the enchanting world of Bamboo Giant Nursery and Garden and wander through a mesmerizing collection of bamboo varieties, or take a piece of tranquility home to incorporate the elegance of bamboo into your own outdoor space.
Anyone seeking leisurely pursuits can play golf at Spring Hills Golf Course. Whether a seasoned golfer or a novice, the course's ambiance allows all players to unwind and elevate their game. Equestrians can board their horses and attend riding school at the Corralitos Riding Club & Equoware Equestrian Apparel Boutique & Tack Store, which holds plenty of resources for anyone who loves horseback riding.

No matter if you are drawn to the echoes of history, the allure of the fairway, or the serenity of a garden, these places hold the promise of unforgettable memories and the chance to connect with the essence of the land.


The Pajaro Valley Joint Unified School District serves the Larkin Valley/Corralitos communities, along with other private school options:

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